Burberry Handbags

Characterized by the tartan pattern with the basic color cream, Burberry products rapidly spread from the founded country, England, to the whole world. The brand with the logo of an equestrian knight brings the strong English characteristics in its products. The Latin word “Prorsum” in the logo, then, becomes the trademark. Formerly, the name Burberry was changed into Burberry’s since many costumers called it as Burberry of London. In 1999, the name Burberry’s was changed back into Burberry. The changed of the name influenced the change of most of its items although many accessories still used the name Burberry’s. The name even becomes more commercialized internationalized than before.

The brand which was famous for its weatherproof trench coat was invented by Thomas Burberry, a trained dress-maker, at the age of 21. The first Burberry store was opened in 1856 in England, while the trench coat itself was developed in 1895 under the name “Tielocken”. The Tielocken was seen worn by F. G. Jackson who mapped parts of the Artic Circle. Later, in the 20th century, the Burberry was opened in Paris and this brand became the supplier of Roald Amundsen’s clothes and tents to the first trip to South Pole. The clothes and the tents were made of gabardine, a waterproof-but-breathable fabric. In order to fulfill the demand of the War Office, the trench coat then was made to suit the condition of the warfare so it can be used by the officers. For the war purpose, the clothes and the tents are made very strongly so it can give maximum protection for the wearers. So, not only does it become a reliable resource for quality clothing products, it also become the provider of stylish garments.

As Burberry becomes the iconic British luxury brand and it is worn by many important people and also Hollywood stars, the brand becomes the world well-known brand. And since the transportation is no longer limited inside a country, the products of Burberry can also be exported to the other continents such as Australia and Asia. The increase of the demands of the product makes it easier to keep the originality of the products by making some branches in the cities of those continents. One city in Asia that becomes the target of Burberry is Singapore. This city is chosen because many people come to Singapore for shopping. It offers great amenities and facilities for the world-wide shoppers who come to seek new shopping experiences, in the city which is also called The Garden City. As the consequence, the city that has the third highest per capita income in the world has become the city of the shopaholics. The authentic products of Burberry has been available in more than 6 independent and multibrands stores in Singapore, such as at Marina Bay Sands, Ngee Ann City, Paragon Shopping Centre, and even at Changi Airport. Similar to the products which are sold in England and London, the stores in Singapore also provide the seasonal products.

Besides the popular trench coat, Burberry Singapore stores also have the lovable Burberry handbags. This handbag becomes popular because of the touch of the tartan style plus the proud of England still beautify some collections while the other collections are completed by the elegance of the leather. For example, Burberry produces The Orchard Handbags which are inspired by the vintage luggage and the British Countryside that create an elegant expression. Moreover, not only is Burberry handbag available in the big size but also in the mini size and the size of clutch bags. These sizes of handbags give the customers to wear the bag based on their needs. It is so relieving to know that we have wide range of option for any occasions. Burberry really understands that your handbag defines who you are; therefore its timeless designs will suit any occasion. Not only does its design will be the spotlight of attention in any party, the perfection of the tailoring process guarantee the durability and the strength of each of the brand’s product. Soft stitching techniques and high-skilled ornaments attachment, only with a slight glance you can say that the bag of Burberry is a five-star product.
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